The Vine - Young Adult/College Ministry

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Early adulthood is a time of frequent and sometimes dramatic change.  From dependence to adulthood; education to employment; changing relationships, responsibilities, and identities:  early adulthood is marked by some of the most formative changes and life decisions people undergo in the span of their lives. 

Our vision and hope is to see college students and young adults radically transformed by the gospel through:

  • Sound Biblical teaching

  • Intentional Community

  • Joyfully serving with our gifts

It is our desire that through the preaching and studying of the word, college students and young adults would experience the transformative power of the gospel and take practical steps to deepen their faith in Christ. We strongly feel that the fostering of a community that encourages one another in times of hardship, that points each other towards Christ, and that challenges one another to do all things for the glory of God creates a space for deep spiritual growth.


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