Advent Conspiracy 2017

For several years now, Lighthouse has spent the holiday season looking for ways to give a little extra, during what we refer to as Advent Conspiracy. Each year four groups/organizations in need are chosen. The church body is encouraged to save some of the money they would normally spend during the holiday season in order to make a special offering Lighthouse can then distribute to each of the chosen groups.

This year, prayerfully consider what you might be able to sacrifice in order to help us reach our goals.

Phantom Lake Elementary & Jubilee REACH

-Local community care-

Jubilee REACH and Phantom Lake Elementary School are standing in the gap by providing wrap-around services and funds for rent, medical bills and after-school programs.

GOAL: $20,000 ($10,000 to Jubilee REACH, $10,000 to PLES) to provide teaching and emergency resources for families in Bellevue.

Justice Mission

-Labor trafficking in cambodia-

Impoverished children and adults are vulnerable to slavery and abuse in the fishing, construction, manufacturing and agricultural industries.

GOAL: $25,000 to help the Cambodian Investigative Team find and rescue enslaved children and adults.

Delta Ministries

-Street Boys' housing-

About 30 youth, ages 12-20, have been rescued from drugs and life on the streets in Mombasa, given housing, food, education, work training and spiritual mentoring.

Goal: $20,000 to provide housing for 15-20 street youth (Bara Bara Boys) for a year.

World Vision

-Clean water in Kenya-

Lack of access to clean water leads to illness and death, school absenteeism, and a cycle of poverty and hopelessness.

GOAL: $20,000 to build wells that provide clean water in Kenya for about 400 people ($50/person).