Discipleship Groups

Church isn’t just a worship service on Sunday morning; it’s sharing life, praying for one another, and helping each other. It’s digging deeply into God’s Word and reflecting on how to live it out together. It’s encouraging and challenging one another to grow as children of God as he transforms us by his Spirit.  And it should propel us into the world as ambassadors of the King.  We believe this happens best in smaller gatherings that meet regularly.  Find out how you can get involved!

From May-June many Discipleship Groups will be studying selected Bible passages to follow along in the new message series, "Relationships that Work [and those that don't]."

Here are addition resources for discipleship groups:

1.) How to do an Inductive Bible Study 

2.) Instructions for a Group Covenant 

3.) Sample Group Covenant 

4.) 6 Questions for Bible Studies

5.) Finding Hope in a Chaotic World Manuscripts

6.) Relationship That Work [and those that don't] Manuscripts

Discipleship groups meet throughout the week, both in the daytime and in the evening.  To sign up for a group, please contact Gail Chinn at karygail@yahoo.com.

For a list of Discipleship Group resources, go to this spreadsheet.

Group # Group Type Group Leader Group Study Location Day Frequency Time
1 Couples Joe Castillo
Christine Ito
"Big Picture" Bible Overview Bellevue Wednesday Every 2 Weeks 5:00PM
2 Couples Trenton Yenokida
Erika Yenokida
"The Meaning of Marriage" by Tim Keller Bellevue Tuesday Every 2 Weeks 7:00PM
3 Couples Wes Terasaki
Mei-Ling Miyake
TBD Sammamish or
Friday Every Week 7:30PM
4 Men Jason Wong Message Series Passages Bellevue Monday Every 2 Weeks 7:30PM
5 Men Kary Chinn TBD Bellevue Wednesday Every Week 7:30PM
6 Men Doug Yip
Jon Okada
TBD Bellevue Wednesday Every Week 7:30PM
7 Women Chris Kimura
Patti Yonemura
Message Series Passages Bellevue Wednesday Every Week 9:30AM
8 Women Cathy Ambo TBD Newcastle Thursday Every Week 7:30PM
9 Mixed Mike Toda
Sharlene Toda
Message Series Passages Steilacoom Friday Every 2 Weeks 12:00PM
10 Mixed Gary Kimura
Chris Kimura
Message Series Passages Kirkland Tuesday Every Week 7:00PM
11 Mixed Randel Herd Alpha Course (Basics of Christian Faith) Bellevue Wednesday Every Week 6:30PM
12 Mixed Janis Higaki
John Sekijima
13 Mixed - Legacy Scot Wright "What's so Amazing about Grace?" by
Phillip Yancey
Bellevue Friday Every Week 10:30AM
14 Mixed - Career Adults Jon Tonouchi
Richard Marshall
Message Series Passages Bellevue Friday Every 2 Weeks 7:00PM
15 29:11(Young Adults)
Michelle Chan
Valerie Li
Message Series Passages Issaquah Wednesday Every Week 7:00PM
16 29:11(Young Adults) Ashley Kim
Joey Lam
Ezra and Nehemiah Renton Friday Every Week 7:00PM
17 29:11(Young Adults)
Aimee Chu
Amber Kim
Gospel of Luke Bellevue Thursday Every Week 7:00PM
18 29:11(Young Adults) Garrett Lee Message Series Passages Bellevue Wednesday Every Week 7:00PM
19 29:11(Young Adults) Andrew Miyasato Message Series Passages Bellevue Thursday Every Week 7:00PM
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