DSL (Discipleship Seminars at Lighthouse)

As another way to connect and grow at Lighthouse, we offer Discipleship Seminars for people to be able to grow in their discipleship. Each year, we provide these various seminars to help others to grow in tangible ways.

Discipleship Seminars at Lighthouse for 2018

Better Bible Study – 4 weeks


On the four Thursdays of January, we will gather at the Lighthouse Center for an original class called Better Bible Study. What better way to spend a cold dark winter’s evening in the Pacific Northwest than to learn essential and practical approaches to studying God’s Word. Whether you are a Bible newbie or a seasoned veteran, there is something here for everyone.

Led by: Wes Terasaki

Dates: Starting on Thursday Jan. 4th - 7-9pm


Walk Through the Holy Land – 6 weeks

Explore the places described in both the Old and New Testament accounts and watch the Bible come alive.

Led by:  Pastor Wayne and Pastor Nancy

Dates: Starting Wed. Jan. 3rd – 7-9pm


Crucial Conversations


Learn a new skill in how to have those challenging conversations that turn conflicts into deeper intimacy.

Led by:  Kim Porter

Dates: Monday Feb. 12th - 7-9pm


Emotional Intelligence


Explore how we can increase our ability to understand, empathize, and communicate in ways that allow for more significant interactions with those around us.

Led by: Kim Porter

Dates: Tuesday, Feb. 13th - 7-9pm

Luke Inductive Bible Study - 7 Weeks


Everyone is welcome to study the Bible with our pastors as we follow along with our Sunday message series, learn better study skills and, connect with each other.

Led by: Pastor Wayne

Dates: Starting Wed. Feb. 7th - 7-9pm

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For more info or to join any of these DSLs, please contact Pastor Nancy at nancy@lighthouse2001.org

Walk through the Holy Land - Video Sessions

Kim Porter Seminars from 2017