We are here (Japan)


Hi all. Pastor Abe here! It’s 5am in the morning here in Japan. After almost 9.5 hours of being on an airplane, getting out of the airport and through immigration, figuring out all our transportation logistics, shipping our luggage/VBS materials to Saiwaicho Church, getting everything together, while keeping the kids close by, we were able to make it to our hotel in Ueno - Tokyo. We were all pretty exhausted by the time we got to the hotel to get settled in. Alyssa and I were getting sleepy pretty quickly. We all went off to get a quick dinner and then try to get some rest. Alyssa and I fell asleep at 7:30pm and both woke up at 3am. Been trying to go back to sleep but haven’t been able to. So instead, I (Abe) thought I might as well give an update. So in a few hours or so, we will be gathering together to eat breakfast. And then make our way to Saiwaicho Church which will be about 2 hours to get to. The last 36 hours feels like a blur and it feels like the next 24 hours will continue to feel that way too. Through God’s protection and provision, everything has gone smoothly. And we have faith that everything will go smoothly as we get to Iberaki and begin preparing for the VBS for the week. That’s a quick update from us. We appreciate the prayers for us as we continue to travel.