Sunday - July 28, 2019 - Email Update to Supporters

Hello from Japan!

Thank you to all of you who are supporting our Lighthouse Japan Mission team. We wouldn't be able to serve the Japanese people without you!

The majority of the team arrived in Japan on Friday afternoon without any major hiccups in our travel plans. We spent the night in Ueno then traveled to Ibaraki Saturday morning. Once the team reunited, we were able to experience some of the local Japanese culture by attending the Chikusei matsuri (Japanese festival). We are still adjusting to the time zone and are figuring out some daily nuances of living in Japan but are grateful for God's protection and provision to safely reunite us in Ibaraki. Today we will attend Saiwaicho Christ Church where Pastor Abe from Lighthouse will be giving the message. We are excited to meet the church members as well as a few non-believers from the community who are coming to church to meet "the Americans."

Please pray that God continues to go before us preparing the way for time and cultural adjustments, safe travels and open hearts. Pray also for divine appointments for all the individuals God has planned for us to interact and build relationships with. We feel excited to see God work in the lives of all involved, including our own.

Thank you again for your support and please continue to join us in prayer!


JMT 2019 (Chloe)

Sorry Alyssa, you got cut off!

Sorry Alyssa, you got cut off!