Sunday - July 28, 2019

Sunday - July 28, 2019

This morning at around 3:00AM, we experienced our first earthquake in Ibaraki. Thankfully, it only lasted for about 20 seconds and no one was injured. Apparently, it's normal in this area to have small earthquakes, so the locals are all used to it. 

The team prepared breakfast together and helped set up the church for service. As people start arriving to church, they were eager to meet and greet us. There were non Christians who came to church for the first time because they wanted to experience the American culture and language. It was a great opportunity for us and the church to welcome them and get to know them more. Pastor Abe preached the sermon on the parable of the prodigal son, and I believe the message was very well received by everyone. 

After service, we all had lunch together at the church and the team later had a final preparation for VBS on Monday: planning out the logistics, assigning roles, and practicing our dance and skit. We ended the night with an amazing multi-course meal at a local seafood restaurant, graciously offered by Saiwaicho Church. 

Please lift us up in your prayers as we will be starting our day 1 of VBS tomorrow. My prayer requests are that we will have full energy as we're still fighting the jet lag, and the relationships we want to build despite the language barrier. 

Alvin Lee