2019 Lighthouse Membership Renewal

Please review the following Lighthouse documents by clicking on the following links
•    “Our Mission & Our Core Values”
•    “Our Vision for the Lighthouse”
•    “What We Believe”
•    "Spiritual Growth Pathway"

Having reviewed the documents above, I now wholeheartedly affirm Lighthouse’s Mission, Core Values and Vision. I agree that “What We Believe” serves as an accurate summary of what Scripture teaches, and I endorse it without reservation. I affirm my belief in Jesus Christ and commit to following Him as my Lord and Savior, and have expressed my faith through baptism. I promise to pursue a growing relationship with God through worship, fellowship, discipleship, ministry and evangelism.

I commit myself to this local body of believers and pledge my cooperation to the Pastors, Elders and those God has called into positions of leadership at Lighthouse. I will refrain from advocating doctrines or practices contrary to those found in “What We Believe” in a way that might cause dissension within the body. If a personal difference or concern does arise, I promise to follow the Biblical pattern of reconciliation and church discipline as found in Matthew 18:15-20. I further understand that it is the Elders’ biblical responsibility to confront those who are teaching what they should not teach or who are continuing to act in a pattern of behavior harmful to the church.

I commit my stewardship of time, spiritual gifts, talents, and abilities to God to use for His glory in the building up of Lighthouse Christian Church, and I commit my financial resources, according to biblical principles of giving.

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