Mission to the World

Just as Lighthouse seeks to share God’s grace and truth with those living locally, the Missions Ministry seeks to share His love and the truths of the Bible with the rest of the world. Our efforts include supporting missions workers in other countries and in other parts of the United States, supporting and coordinating short-term missions projects involving Lighthouse members, teaching our youth and children about missions, and creating opportunities to learn more about and be a part of missions.

For more information, contact Pastor Nancy at nancy@lighthouse2001.org

Japan Missions Team VBS 2019

To follow along with the Japan Missions VBS Team - check out their blog page.

Our Missionaries

Michael and Trisha Hyodo - Nairobi, Kenya (World Ministries International)


We have been serving as full-time missionaries in Nairobi, Kenya since 2006.  Mike is serving as the director of the African branch of World Ministries International and Bible school.  Trisha and Mike are also involved in benevolence ministry serving the poor through projects and help for slum schools, orphanages, street ministry, and fostering orphan babies.  We also oversee dental clinics and do dental camps with portable equipment in slums and upcountry.  We also do evangelism and meet with political and church leaders. 

Steven Ambo - Salem, OR (InterVarsity Christian Fellowship)

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Steven is in his sixth year on staff with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, a nonprofit organization that serves college students across the US.  InterVarsity fosters Christian community on campus, helps students to explore Jesus and trust Him with more of their lives, and develops Christian leaders – all of which Steven experienced firsthand as a student at the University of Washington.  The ways that it transformed his understanding of and relationship with God led him to join InterVarsity staff after graduating.  That decision took him from Seattle (and Lighthouse, his home church of 12 years) and moved him down to Oregon.  He is currently working at Willamette University in Salem, loving, serving, and discipling the Church's next generation of young adults.  He loves running outdoors, playing music, and talking about the intersection of race and faith, and is grateful for Lighthouse's support and influence in his life!

Richard and Keri Nakamura - Greater Seattle, WA (SEND International Mission)


Richard was born and raised in a Buddhist home in Seattle, Washington.  Through the influence of his brother, Richard received Christ at the age of 19.   His interest in missions is due to the influence of missionaries at his home church, Faith Bible, and Multnomah Bible College in Portland, Oregon.  Keri grew up in a Christian home and at the age of 8, dedicated her life towards missions.  She attended Moody Bible Institute for her training.

Richard and Keri left for Japan in 1996, where they served as church planters until the 2011.   Currently, the Nakamuras are focusing on the Japanese living in the Seattle/Bellevue area, many of whom will eventually return to Japan, hopefully as missionaries who will reach their own.   Through Bible studies, training, counseling, conferences, evangelistic outreaches, and friendships, the Japanese are being touched by the Gospel.   Pray for revival amongst the Japanese!

Kim Porter - Madison, WI (InterVarsity Christian Fellowship)

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My name is Kim Porter and I am a product of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship’s ministry.  I was not a follower of Jesus when I arrived on the college campus but through the prayers and faithful witness of students on my dorm floor, my life took a 180-degree turn.  Thirty--two years later and I am still involved in InterVarsity’s ministry!  I have served at every level in the organization from a campus staff to the Regional Director of the Northwest supervising the ministry in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Alaska.  For the four-year stint that I lived in Seattle, my husband Eric and I attended Lighthouse Christian Church and quickly got involved with prayer, bible study, setting up on Sunday mornings and recounting God sightings.  I felt called to apply and was hired to a new Vice President role which took us to InterVarsity’s headquarters in Madison, WI. I am now responsible for training and equipping of the 1600 InterVarsity staff and the development of the next generation of senior leaders. 

 It is an honor to serve in this season of InterVarsity’s 75-year history as we seek to reach every corner of every campus with the Gospel.  Our goal is to establish and advance a witnessing community of students and faculty on the 3000 campuses in the United States.  This past year we celebrated a record number of 4576 students make decisions to follow Jesus. We are praying this was just the first fruits of exponential growth as we see God’s kingdom break forth on campus.

Jerry and Wilma Mishler - Cambodia (Frontline Ministries)

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Jerry and Wilma Mishler heard the call to go to Cambodia in 2000. They said “goodbye” to their two adults children, left with two suitcases each and set foot in Cambodia on January 22, 2002.  God provided a translator soon after arriving and the two of them went out everyday sharing the Gospel in village homes. Many house churches were started with those who accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.  Leadership was raised up from the house churches and they were trained to go out to start new house churches and raise up leadership from them.  It was slow going as it took six to eight months to train each new leader.  God was moving by His Spirit.

Fast forwarding from 2002 to 2018.  God has blessed our ministry in Cambodia.  Our leaders are now over 500 strong, ranging from Pastors, Children’s Pastors and Evangelists.  Each week they reach more than 54,500 children in our Village Bible Clubs.  Youth and adults attending regularly have grown to over 60,000.  God has allowed us to expand the ministry to eleven provinces in Cambodia with more than 4,200 house churches and 40 churches.  Also our leaders are going into 20 military camps reaching the soldiers with the Gospel, established our Sunbeam Kids Orphanage and children’s home, and have 60 soccer teams with over 1,200 youth participating.

Jeff and Malia Walker - Japan (WorldVenture)


Jeff, Malia, and their children, Mason and Kaili, are newly appointed missionaries to Japan. They are excited to serve alongside the WorldVenture team already working in the Tokyo area and hope to make the move by Summer 2019. For their first term in Japan, Jeff and Malia will focus on language and culture acquisition as well as supporting church plants in Kawasaki. After that, they plan on exploring God's calling for them regarding specific location and potentially starting a new special project that allows them to serve the Japanese people using to their talents and specialized training. Jeff and Malia consider Lighthouse Christian Church their home and have attended since 2002. They have grown and served with children's, youth, college and young family ministries with Lighthouse and are both currently working as healthcare professionals. While leaving the Lighthouse family will be bittersweet, they are so thankful for all those who have come alongside them, supporting and encouraging them in this new chapter. The Walkers look forward to witnessing God's plan for the beautiful nation of Japan.

Ben Higashi - Pacific Northwest (JEMS)


Having spent several years now working with and preparing for a life in Youth Ministry, I'm excited to be working with JEMS as their Pacific Northwest Youth Director. I've been heavily involved with Lighthouse SYTE since 2013, and have been studying youth ministry at Seattle Pacific University since 2016. My love for youth and the work I do investing in their lives has only grown. As Pacific Northwest Youth Director, I now have the chance to invest an extra amount into the local youth, and the churches that serve them. My job is to act as a resource to the local Asian American churches and their students. This includes helping to oversee the youth portion of the JEMS Warm Beach summer camp, aiding in communication and collaboration between youth directors/pastors, and implementing new ministries based on the needs of the youth. I myself am not establishing a new youth group; the goal is not to take away from what churches are already doing, but rather supplement their ministries with additional support and opportunities.

Carolyn Shimabukuro - Pacific Northwest (JEMS)


Carolyn serves as the Director of Japanese Evangelical Missionary Society (JEMS) ministry here in the Northwest. I secure staff, mentor, equip and serve together in ministering the gospel on campus, in the community through outreach ministry and recruit and support those who are called into missions. I also serve as the Regional director of Asian American Christian Fellowship. We are on four campuses: UW Seattle and Bothell, SPU and Seattle U. JEMS is a multi-faceted ministry -- I provide the overall design and implementation of our annual conference: Warm Beach, so that people can be introduced to Christ and to be supported and encouraged to grow in their faith. As a mission ministry -- I help to recruit and support those who are called to serve in Japan and S. America. JEMS is a para-church ministry, we work in partnership with individuals, groups and local churches. I have the privilege of inviting and building relationships with lay leaders and pastors to work together in love in unity to build the Kingdom of God.