At Lighthouse, we believe that baptism is a sacrament of faith, a holy practice commanded and established by Jesus Christ for the church.  Baptism is the means of grace by which every believer expresses new life and reception into the family of God through their faith in Christ.

We affirm that baptism is an act of obedience to Christ’s command and encourage public believer’s water baptism for every child, youth or adult who by God’s grace declares Jesus Christ Lord and Savior.*  We encourage full immersion baptism when possible, but accept baptism by sprinkling or pouring if immersion is not feasible.

We encourage all believing parents to dedicate their infants or children to God in acknowledgement that their children are gifts from God and their lives and futures belong to him.  We reserve the sacrament of baptism for those old enough to believe in Jesus Christ, receive his forgiveness of sins, make a personal decision to follow him and enter into a meaningful experience of public baptism.  Baptism and Child Dedication Classes are required for all baptisms and for parents or guardians wanting to dedicate a child.

For more information about baptisms or children dedications, please contact Pastor Abe at