Lighthouse will be having their annual Vacation Bible School for preschoolers (3 years old) - Current 4th graders on July 18th to July 21st. The Summer VBS will be held at Phantom Lake Elementary School. This year's theme is "Faith Lab" The kids will tackle and try some cool and fun science experiments while they learn about Christ's love for each of them. VBS will begin at 9:30AM and go into 12PM each day from Tuesday to Friday. 

Due to the high amount of registrations, we are at capacity for this year's VBS. Registration is now closed.

Before you come to the VBS, if you could print out and sign the Parent Authorization Form, that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

To volunteer at the VBS or if you have any questions, contact Sharon Sakanashi at

Here's the music that the children will be listening to for the week: